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1961 SERIES EISA AWARD 2020-2021

BEST PRODUCT - HOME THEATRE SPEAKER SYSTEM 2020-2021 "Arendal Sound’s new entry-level range leverages technology from its flagship 1723 Series, but adds tricks of its own, including the company’s first height channel speaker and a new Avalanche IQ amplifier platform with parametric EQ on its sealed and ported subwoofers. System builders are well catered for [...]

August 17th, 2020|

1961 5.1 & SUBWOOFER 1S – STEREO+

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! LOTS OF FUN FOR LESS MONEY As soon as there is talk of home theater, the discussion moves quickly in the direction of SPL, dynamics, deep bass and volume. But real home theater speakers should also be able to satisfy picky ears when playing music. This is demanding, but Arendal delivers masterfully. Arendal [...]

July 8th, 2020|

Avalanche 800/1200 IQ amplifier

Intelligent Powerhouse We introduced the 550 IQ which already has set market-leading standards. The Avalanche 800 IQ & 1200 IQ build on the 550, but have been optimised, equipped with additional features and highly refined for our hi-end 1723 subwoofers. Impeccable performance, conservatively rated at 800/1200W, with capabilities that make the difference. Subwoofers are [...]

June 12th, 2020|


After a two-year development period we proudly present the new subwoofers in the 1723 Series. Improving what were already market leading products was not an easy task to tackle. Our statement series offers an exceptional balance between perfect music reproduction as well as sheer bass depth and output. We have nailed it. It’s [...]

June 10th, 2020|

1723 TOWER THX 5.0 – Tha_VillaMan

"These speakers are insane" Full review Unboxing "I got my hands on some insane speakers. The Arendal Sound 1723 THX certified speakers. They may be some of the best looking speakers I've seen in a while, and I'm going to see if they sound as good as they look for home theater and for music. [...]

May 15th, 2020|


1723 SUBWOOFER 1 - MIGHTY PUNCH AND DEPTH SILBRERKLASSE Breaker of news The Norwegian brand Arendal already caused quite a furore with high-performance THX-licensed speaker systems. The Arendal 1723 systems are the first choice for ambitious home cinemas thanks to their dynamics, tight sound, low-distortion and unsurpassed finish. In our current issue, we line up [...]

March 27th, 2020|

1723 S THX 5.1 EISA AWARD 2019-2020

BEST PRODUCT - HOME THEATRE SPEAKER SYSTEM 2019-2020 "Offering a powerful performance from easy to accommodate cabinets, Arendal Sound’s THX Ultra-certified multichannel package brings Hollywood to your home theatre. The two-way 1723 Monitor S THX standmounts, with 6.5in midbass drivers and waveguided tweeters, showcase a transparent sound, with excellent dispersion and extreme dynamics. This standard [...]

February 21st, 2020|


  Norwegians for Hi-Fi and Home Cinema Verdict Arendal 1723 Monitor S speaker systems are designed primarily for home theater systems, even highlighting THX certification. However, with careful placement in the listening area, high-quality music reproduction will also be fully equipped. Without a subwoofer I recommend removing foam from the station. In a smaller listening [...]

February 20th, 2020|


Highlight 1/2020 The 5.1 system of Arendal delights with ist outstanding musicality and a highly dynamical ability despite of the compact format. We highly recommend the set of five 1723 S THX plus Subwoofer 1. Score Summing it up: + Excellent sound + Strong power handling ability + Extremely powerful subwooer Sound (70% of overall [...]

December 20th, 2019|
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